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Who Uses Custom Keyboards, Specialized Keys, and Colored Keytops?

Companies and organizations utilizing workstations dedicated to a specific task can greatly benefit from custom keyboards, keycaps or keytops. Using specialized software that contains repetitive keystrokes compels these companies to use customization. Some industries that depend on customized keyboards and overlays:

  • Airline ticket counter agents use custom keyboards.
  • Data entry and customer service specialists use custom keyboards.
  • Hospitals use custom keyboards and colored keycaps for interfacing with equipment and computer applications to reduce errors.
Samples of Custom Keycaps

Benefits of Using Custom Keyboards and Keycaps

  • Increased productivity and improved efficiency
  • Faster training for your new employees
  • Faster and more complete understanding of complex software
  • Greater long-term flexibility
  • Error reduction for all employees

You can design your keysets to have colored keys or keycaps with specialized text and graphics.

Specialized keyboards and colored keys or keycaps work best for computers or consoles that server one task or work with one software application.

Color or graphics make it easier for anyone to identify and remember the most commonly used keys in their tasks. This helps employees locate "hot keys" or combinations of keystrokes that are used as shortcuts.

Specialty Keyboards made for your application will increase productivity.

Specialized keys can make any application easier and quicker to use. Imagine your word-processing software (some examples are Microsoft Word and WordPerfect) and how easy it would be to use if you had a button on your keyboard to pull up some of the more commonly used menus like “Format > Paragraph” and “Spelling and Grammar.” Instead of first remembering where the Paragraph menu can be found, and then using your mouse to navigate the menus until you reached the correct one, you could press the blue ¶ button and be ready to format your text.

Airline ticket agents use labeled keycaps on their keyboards in order to more quickly access the many functions they have available. Keyboard commands are always quicker than using a mouse to initiate part of an application. Faster processing times equates to fewer agents needed to handle impatient and hurried travelers—saving money for the airlines.

Keyboards specially-made for specific applications can also be powerful training tools. Words and colors can work together to help trainees learn new commands and functions within a software application. For rapid access to application features, colors and words together improve efficiency and recognition. That is why the keys on cash register consoles are usually colored, too. In addition to increased speed and efficiency, accuracy also increases. Colored keycaps and overlays can help reduce errors in applications using repetitive keystrokes.

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Increase Return On Investment

Our custom keycaps and keyboards will maximize the return on your investment in hardware and software through the benefits stated above. Use our ROI Calculator to see how Synctronics customization can save you money.

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