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Custom Keyboards and Other Keyboard Products

Any organization utilizing workstations dedicated to a specific task can greatly benefit from Synctronics' custom keyboards, keycaps, or keyboard accessories.

The last time you were standing at an airline counter you may have noticed that the keycaps on the agent's keyboard were color-coded and labeled. Airline ticket agents are able to process hundreds of travelers in short amounts of time because of the increased productivity and efficiency of custom keyboards, colored keys, key overlays, and key templates.

Increased Profitability: Color-coded, function-specific keys speed task completion, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

Reduced Training Time: New employees become proficient in your methods quickly and easily. Frustration is reduced and retention is increased.

Long-term Flexibility: As your company's needs evolve, so can your customized keyboards and key sets. Custom keyboards allow you to cost-effectively update your hardware to meet changing conditions.

Dependability: Synctronics stands behind our products and stands alone in guaranteeing all of our keys for the life of the keyboards.

Custom keyboards are Synctronics' primary product, but we also proudly manufacture some common specialty keyboards and accessories.


  • Custom Keyboards
  • 16 Function Keyboards
  • 3270 Keyboards
  • Dvorak Keyboards
  • Ergonomic Keyboards
  • Foreign Language Keyboards
  • Geac Keyboards
  • Left-Handed Keyboards
  • Office Keyboards
  • Programmable Keyboards
  • Specialty Keyboards
  • Standard Keyboards
  • Vision Impaired Keyboards

Keys, Keycaps, and Key Sets

  • Blank Keys
  • Custom Keys, Keycaps, and Key Sets
  • Dvorak Key Sets
  • Relegendable Keys
  • Replacement Keys

Overlays and Templates

  • Braille Overlays
  • Custom Overlays
  • Custom Templates
  • Standard Overlays

Keyboard Accessories

  • Custom Mousepads
  • Key Inhibitors
  • Keyboard Protectors
  • Keypads

No two businesses are alike, so why should your company use the same keyboard as everyone else? Synctronics can help you create the perfect custom keyboard, key set, or key overlay for your unique needs - for your unique company.

Contact Synctronics for information regarding customized keyboards, keys, and accessories.

Product Glossary

Custom Keyboard

A computer keyboard with a unique, individually tailored key set, including color- coded keys and legends.


Keycap, keytop, keyboard key, computer key, or just key all refer to the pushbuttons on a computer keyboard. Keycaps can be customized using various colors and legends.

POS Keyboards

Point-of-Sale (POS) Keyboards are used in retail stores and restaurants with custom legends using names of items to be purchased.

Key Inhibitor

A device placed under keycaps to prevent keys from being pressed.

Keyboard Protector

A flexible cover placed over keyboard keys to prevent damage from spillage.

Custom Programmable Keyboard

A keyboard with the ability to remap or reprogram keys, sending new scan codes to the computer. The keys can be color-coded and labeled with their new functions.

Custom Key Overlay

A custom sticker printed with special symbols and legends that are designed to be placed on specific computer keyboard keys.

Key Template

A legend identifying key function or providing software information, a template lays flat on the keyboard adjacent to the keys, rather than on the keys themselves.

Key Set

Keys for a particular keyboard, designed to work together to improve efficiency and accuracy when performing a specific task.

Key Top/Key Front

The top and front surface of keys. These can be customized with new legends or through the use of labels on existing keycaps.

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