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Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we guarantee our keys for the life of the keyboard.

What's the difference between custom keys, overlays and templates?

Custom keycaps have the legend as an integral part of the key, similar to most keyboards you see. Keyboard overlays are durable labels with keycap legends and adhered to the top of the keys. Keyboard templates are made from plastic and lay flat on the keyboard, sometime cutout to fit around keys, and they usually have information about the software you are using.

Why should we customize our keyboards? Save money!

The biggest reason for customizing keyboards is to reduce time, this equates to saving money. Try our ROI Calculator to see if custom keyboards can increase your company's efficiency.

Are all keys the same?

No, although keycaps look very similar from the top, the undersides of keycaps are very different. There are hundreds of different types of keys; we will help you determine what type of key you have.

We have proprietary software and our hardware was made especially for our company, can you customize our keyboards?

Yes, we can make specialized keys for your existing keyboards.

Can you make a new keyboard for us?

We can make a new keyboard for you, but it is usually more cost effective to customize an existing keyboard. Request a Quote online or call us toll-free: (800) 444-KEYS (5397)

Can you make one set of keys for me?

We can make one set of custom keycaps, but the price for one set is not much different than twenty sets. Because of the preparation we do, it is not cost effective to make less than twenty key sets.

We're thinking of buying new systems, should we wait until we have the new systems installed before we contact you?

Contact us early in the decision-making process, we can help with keyboard selection and this will make your customization go smoother.

What colors can you make the words on keys?

We can make the legends almost any color you'd like. The only limitation in legend color comes from the contrast between the legend and its background, i.e. you don't want to use a white legend on an ivory colored key.


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